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The Hajj

Using their travels and life experiences as part of their pilgrimage, The Hajj is a rocking duo made up of brothers Philip and Freddie Al-Hajj. Music being part of their life for as long as they can recall this is a project that has come to life organically combining their musical influences to create this unique band promoting connection and reality to spread their powerful energy on and off stage.  Click here to go to their Page!


Devoted to the band and each other, Clepto was formed in 2000 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fred and Phil, two brothers originally from Cyprus, with Armenian and Lebanese ethnic backgrounds. Alex, a Portuguese-Canadian, Montreal born Punk Rocker and Nick, a Greek-Canadian, Winnipeg born Metalhead both lead the way with their lyrics covering everything from culture, global issues, religion, to personal conflicts and psychological reflections of themselves within society. Together, with a sing and a bounce from Phil and Fred’s Mediterranean melodic bass and drums, they all complete Clepto.


Dani Nash was born and raised in Nashville, TN. The hometown inspired the name of the group. After meeting a couple of jerks in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, he attended a prestigious university in Boston, MA where he pursued a degree in Extreme Physics. Much later, (an undetermined number of years after university), he met up with the very same jerks he met in the desert, and they started making noise together. To be continued...

Hailing from Riverside, California Sweet'N'Juicy Nothing is a post grunge Rock band.
Album: "We Did it"
Released: 2012

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