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     Olystis Music and Productions is an independent label in Los Angeles, California founded in 2012. Fuelled with a DIY spirit Olystis has helped build a strong local community of like-minded musicians and artists and has helped connect people who share their same vision and commitment throughout Southern California.


     Since opening in Los Angeles, Olystis has successfully recorded and distributed Clepto’s 4th release "Kebab: Live Off the Grill" (2012) plans to also record their fifth album "The Cold Unending March of Progress" (release date to be announced). Olystis also released Dani Nash and the Villains' (Los Angeles)  first album (self-titled) and recorded Sweet and Juicy Nothing’s (Riverside) first album, "We Did It".

    Olystis has also successfully released their first compilation "Get Fucked Lets Rock Vol.1" which consists of punk rock and metal bands from the American West Coast and Japan.


    Along with the services of recording, producing, event and tour organising, and helping bands with merchandise, Olystis has also found the time to establish their monthly newsletter "The Marauder".


     Olystis was created to be the logistical and physical support for bands and artists who need recording, producing, booking, managing, marketing, touring and any other services that a band or artist might need in order to survive and become independently successful.

     The Olystis film department is also dedicated to directly support the artists and locations involved in Olystis with Webisodes, short promo clips, and music videos. 


   Now working on a major in-house recording project, Olystis still provides recording, photography, and video services open to the public and orgnises events and tours for the active bands under the label.

Interested in Booking/hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​

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